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Forex Rebates - Forex trading is a business that is very popular today, businesses that make money turnover between countries very quickly. This business This business related to the sell and buy of foreign currency. the major currencies are often traded by traders are EUR, USD, CHF, CAD, AUD, JPY, NZD and other currencies.

If you are familiar with forex trading, you certainly also know the forex rebates or forex cashback. Maybe there are many who do not know what it is about forex rebates, especially for new traders in the forex industry, but for those who had long been involved in this industry, We sure that forex rebates is very familiar for them.

What is forex cashback ( Rebates ) ? Trader many knew him as payback trading spreads paid by the trader to the broker when do trading trnsactions. Rebates will be accepted by client if the traders join with forex rebates provider like saferebate.com when opened their account trading. Through rebates services provider like saferebate, client will pay smallest spreads to broker. Because we will payback to you some spreads so.

How to saferebate pay rebates ? As IB in our partber broker, we get a some commission from your transaction. So to get a forex rebates from us you must opened account trading under our affiliate ( ib ). Thats ib commission we will payback to our client as big as up to 80%, we just take 20% for our operational.

Example rebates calculation :

Client transaction in a month is 50 lot
Rebates from saferebate is $5 per lot
So, client rebates that is 5 x 50 = $250

USD $250 is rebates to be received by the client , Every transaction profit or loss will be received this rebates. When the client loss this rebates will decrease loss by client . This is the benefit that the user used a forex rebates service provider, forex rebate will be an additional income that allows traders to increase profits or reduce loss of any trades. With forex rebates like our service , client will pay spread or commission that pay to the broker smallest.

Forex trading transactions have no rebates ( cashback ) ?

Join with us to get cashback ( rebates ) daily , weekly and monthly payment anywhere you do trade in our broker partner

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SafeRebate is forex rebates ( cashback ) provider worldwide. We are open cooperation with any trader . Forex CashBack up to $12 round turn lot

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